sidewalk restroomportland public toilet
Sidewalk Restroompublic city restrooms
sidewalk restroomportland loo city toilet
sidewalk restroomaffordable poublic restroom building

The Sidewalk Restroom is a new direction for urban restrooms.

These facilities are tough, economical, eye-catching, customizable, and sustainable.
sidewalk restroom

sidewalk restroom

Custom Ad Space

With the Sidewalk Restroom, Romtec offers several options for
promotional displays; create custom artwork or advertising revenue.
sidewalk restroom


The Sidewalk Restroom is the most affordable urban restroom on
the market. Each facility is engineered with Romtec’s expected value.
sidewalk restroom


The Sidewalk Restroom is designed to be tough and durable. Romtec
also includes ample design options for an attractive and distinctive look.
sidewalk restroom


Every facility is pre-engineered and prefabricated for basic installation.
The Sidewalk Restroom can be set in place after basic simple preparation.